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  1. Diet Plan:
  2.  >> A hand peak of various eating plans for your convenience and early quick start.

  1. Medication:
  2.  >> Drug treatment is not without risks! But what makes it usefull, is when its benefits outways the risks. Many consider the use of FDA approved appetite suppressants to help them achieve their weight goal.

  1. Meal Replacement Therapy:
  2.  >> No one claims that dieting is easy! It takes effort and sacrifice. Find out what is available to you and how you can use it to your advantage. OPTIFAST is a leader in all meal replacement therapies, find more information in the following pages...

  1. Doctor-monitored program:
  2.  >> There are many weight loss programs, Some lose weight, but more often they gain it right back! Do you know why? If you are doing a program or plan to manage your weight, are you monitored by a doctor, to make sure you remain healthy? Many centers with similar promises only offer non-physician monitoring programs, so who do you feel safer with, or get your money's worth? We also have pre and post Bariatric operation plans to help you stay healthy and maintain your new weight.

  1. Alternative Care:
  2.           >> HCG diet, its natural, pain free, no needles and no complex prescription medications to take. Last not least, acupuncture treatment to make you feel full and reduce hnger and improve energy (Qi).

    Let us help you achieve your goals and pursue a healthier life...
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