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     Ninety five percent of the people that start a diet this year will fail to lose weight and keep it off. This statistic is reported by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) in its assessment of weight management programs in the USA. The reason for all this failure is that people continue to ignore reality and jump toward any fad diet or miracle device that promises easy or effortless weight loss. For over thirty years, OPTIFAST has been used effectively in weight management programs that beat the odds and really do get results. The documented success of OPTIFAST is because OPTIFAST is more than just a diet. Associated with the OPTIFAST products is an entire program of nutrition, activity and behavior education that, when used appropriately provides both short and long term weight loss results. Weight loss requires a focus on decreasing the number of calories you eat, increasing the number of calories you burn and making lifestyle changes that prevent you from reverting to old habits. All of our programs use a comprehensive approach to your health that allows us to address all of these critical parts in your life. We don't believe in in miracle diets, amazing break throughs and fat melting devices because we have never come across any that really work. We do believe in OPTIFAST and a comprehensive weight loss approach though. Contact us about our free information session and learn about how our programs can benefit you.
Fact 1. "Effective weight loss is more than just a diet":
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