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How To
     To lose weight you will need to reduce the number of calories you eat, increase the number of calories you burn through activity or, preferably, a combination of both. More than likely you have already been involved in diets or exercise programs that have aided in you dropping a few pounds. Inevitably, if the diet or exercise program is temporary, so is the weight loss. That is the main problem with fad diets. They usually require an extreme diet change that is too boring or too difficult to maintain for any length of time. The other problem with fad diets is that some of them don't provide all the nutrients that you need to stay healthy.Unless your program uses a comprehensive approach to weight management, its chances of success are pretty low. A comprehensive program means one that focuses on the three vital aspects of weight management; nutrition, activity and behavior.

      A serious weight loss program will teach you about nutrition and how to make appropriate food choices. No diet can work for everyone. If you have heart disease, diabetes, or stomach problems, you will need a different diet than someone who has no existing medical problems.

      This can be anything from simply moving around more to working out at a gym. We all have different activity tolerances so exercise programs have to be designed specifically for each of us. Video programs or books cannot do this for you.

      The behavioral component of a weight management program is the most important factor for long term weight control. It is the behaviors that we have learned in the past that have contributed to our being overweight. Unless we make changes, there is very little possibility that we can avoid returning to our old behaviors and regaining any weight loss that we achieve
Fact 4. Permanent weight loss requires change:
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