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How To
     The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) recommends that a potential weight management program to answer the following questions for you:
What are the health risks?
What data can you show me that proves your program actually works?
Do customers keep off the weight after they leave the diet program? ?
What are the costs for membership, weekly fees, food, supplements, maintenance, and counseling?
What's the payment schedule?
Are any costs covered under health insurance?
Do you give refunds if I drop out?
Do you have a maintenance program?
Is it part of the package or does it cost extra?
What kind of professional supervision is provided?
What are the credentials of these professionals?
What are the program's requirements?
Are there special menus or foods, counseling visits, or exercise plans?

We completely agree that the answers to these questions are essential for you to make the right program choice. That's why we offer you a free, no obligation consultation with one of our medical team to look at how our program works and answer these questions and any others you may have.
We can be reached by 916-683-5566, 821-8487, 853-1300 and 771-0234.
Absolute Weight Loss Clinic, (AKA Sunrise Health Med Grp of Central Valley) is a team of professionals dedicated to providing a proven solution to people that are serious about improving their health and controlling their weight. Being overweight is a serious problem in this country and we are committed to applying our medical expertise in an attempt to reverse the current population trend toward obesity. We do not pretend that weight loss is a simple task. We understand what you are facing and we will provide you with every possible support to enable you to be successful. Our Mission is to help you with your long-term health and quality of life by providing a state-of-the-art, multi disciplinary program that facilitates and empowers individuals to make positive lifestyle changes.

We will:
·>> Create a program for you that fits your lifestyle.
·>> Create a program for you that will allow you to meet realistic weight goals·
 >>Teach you about good nutrition.
·>> Teach you ways to increase your activity.
·>> Provide you with the tools you need to understand your existing behaviors and make positive changes
·>> Monitor your health throughout the program to ensure that you are losing weight appropriately and safely
·>> Accept and support you every step of the way....
Your Rights and Previlages as a consumer
Question and answer's
TEL: 916-683-5566; 916-853-1300; 916-771-0234; 916-821-8487
"Absolute Weight Loss Clinic"
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